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What are the behavioural implications of a big cycle turning?

What does volatility mean to you? Risk? Opportunity? Or Uncertainty? 2022 kicked off with a spike in volatility and sharp reversal in risk proxies, forcing traders to re-evaluate their preconditioned strategies. Investors have experienced a rollercoaster ride post-Covid, following the V-shape reversal, fuelled by unprecedented central bank liquidity and irrational exuberance . Join Ron William’s timely webinar on the behavioural implications of a big cycle turning and how to develop a successful market & mind approach. This interactive webinar is also designed to teach professionals how to adapt to the new volatility regime, marked by VUCA conditions (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity). Delegates will learn how to harness a unique 3-step approach, based on resilience, divergent-thinking and scenario-planning.

Previous Events

Date: Friday 18th February 2022
Organiser: CMT India

Date: 7th-18th February 2022
Event organiser: Van Tharp Institute (VTI), Super Trader Summit

Date: 8th February 2022
Event Organiser: Swissquote
Theme: Seeking Alpha in a VUCA World

Date: Tuesday 18th January 2022
Event Organiser: Swissquote
Theme: Is the Big Cycle Turning?