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Trading Psychology

How important is trading psycology?

Jeremy Naylor talks to Ron William, Intensichi, about trading strategies and the psychology behind them. Particular focus is paid to mind science, mental strategies, body fitness, wellness and emotional balance.

Are investors suffering from the “Lollapalooza” effect?

The “Lollapalooza” effect; where psychological biases synergise together, compounding exponentially, thereby building asymmetric event risk.

Our Clients say

“Learnt about how to better understand my clients – behavioural patterns, biases and how to better tailor investment solutions.”

Relationship manager, Family Office

“Comprehensive review of behavioural biases, particularly confirmation bias, which our team often experience. Found the bull-bear strategy useful.”

FX Research Analyst, US Investment Bank

“Interesting to hear non-consensus market views and how to develop scenario planning as a risk management tool.”

Hedge Fund manager

“Practical methods to identify and know how to deal with biases, even as a short-term trader. Applying technical analysis overlays also acts as a new edge to my strategy.”

Commodity Trader


The best investment is in yourself

– Warren Buffett