Behavioural Finance Masterclass

Behavioural Finance Masterclass

Masterclass: A Practical Application of Behavioural Finance for your Investment & Trading Strategy


Learn how to gain an edge with applied Behavioral Finance, using a blend of market & mind strategies in our new VUCA world. Post pandemic, the V-shape recovery is proving to be a rollercoaster ride for market participants. YTD “irrational exuberance” is strong, with the FOMO (fear of missing out) bias hitting record extremes. Now is a great opportunity to reassess your market & mind performance by attending our CFA course.

Investor behavioural biases are amplified by an ongoing disruptive and fast changing market environment. Latest research shows that investors can use behavioural finance strategies to improve their bottom-line equity performance, apply more diligent risk management, behavioural bias optimization and build a systematic trading process.

The problem is that most of these investors are not fully aware of their behavioural patterns. This is also because they work on a subconscious supercomputer level. Ron William, CFTe, NLP, of IntensiChi, will teach you how to overcome costly human errors, in order to become the best version of yourself and “be in the zone”, either for your own trading portfolio or client/business management.

This interactive presentation will include latest research and techniques within the area of Peak Performance, Neuroscience and Mindfulness/Stress Response Management (SRM).

Risk Assessment Profiling will also be included based on a combination of psychometric tests and Behavioural Portfolio Analysis and Scenario Planning/Decision Science.

This will be supported by a wide range of market and trader specific case studies, including a review of top behavioural biases, such as herding, overconfidence and loss aversion. All supported with practical mitigation and optimisation strategies.

Performance coaching sessions will also be offered to help achieve personal andprofessional goals, while also developing resilient strategies in a disruptive UVA world; as effective leaders, teams and risk-takers.


  • Improve your bottom-line equity performance, apply more diligent risk management, behavioural bias optimisation and build a systematic trading process.
  • Gain deeper understanding of Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis principles, to design better investment solutions and help clients make better investing decisions.
  • How Behavioral Finance bias affects HNW clients, including herding, overconfidence and loss aversion. All supported with practical mitigation and optimisation strategies.

Course Outline

  • Mr. Market & the Nature-Nurture Signature
  • How Trading Psychology Awareness can Improve your Performance?
  • Overcoming Trading Mistakes
  • Resilience & Stress Response Management
  • Gaining an Edge with Market Timing
  • Risk Management in Volatile Markets

Duration : 16 hours
Mode of delivery : Online
Trainer : Ron William, CFTe, NLP

Course Schedule

13, 14, 20, 21 October 2022
(Thurs & Fri), 2pm to 6pm (SGT)

IBF-FTS funding

This programme is eligible for IBF-FTS Enhanced Funding support with CFA Society Singapore.

This scheme is only eligible for company-sponsored (Financial Institutions and eligible FinTech Firms) participants who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents, physically based in Singapore and who have successfully completed the FTS programme.

Who Should Attend?

  • CIOs
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Private Bankers, Wealth Managers and Relationship Managers
  • Traders & Investors
  • Hedge Fund managers
  • Client Advisors
  • Analysts – Investment Banks/Asset Managers/ Family Offices/ Hedge Funds
  • Risk managers
  • Cross Asset Professionals (e.g. FX, Fixed Income, Commodities and Equities)

What our participants say

“Interesting to hear non-consensus market views and how to develop scenario planning as a risk management tool.”

Hedge Fund Manager

“Learnt about how to better understand my clients – behavioural patters, biases and how to better tailor investment solutions.”

Relationship Manager,
Family Office

“Comprehensive review of behavioural biases, particularly confirmation bias, which our team often experience. Found the bull-bear strategy useful.”

FX Research Analyst,
US Investment Bank

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